About Schultz Lawnscapes

So why should you choose Schultz Lawnscapes? Because service is our only business. Residential or commercial, big or small, design, installation and/or maintenance, Schultz delivers. All our work comes with just one guarantee: Customer Satisfaction.


Schultz Lawnscapes Profile

Schultz Lawnscapes is a diversified, family owned and operated landscaping company employing over 30 full time employees throughout Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina. Schultz Lawnscapes, Inc. was incorporated as an "S" corporation in the State of Virginia in 2010.

Brothers Corey (President) and Wilson (Vice President) Schultz are the sole owners and operators of the company. Schultz provides landscape design, installation and maintenance services to commercial and residential customers throughout the Tidewater area. In addition to our landscaping design, installation and maintenance services, the Company provides snow removal services in the winter months to its commercial customers and began retail sales from our new headquarters in Waverly Virginia.




Maintenance and installation are managed by Wilson Schultz while Corey Schultz directs retail operations, design, quality control, business development and marketing. Financial management and technology are headed up by Doug Bowman; Sherri Olson is our controller and bookkeeper.


Professional Resources

Company payroll is processed by Don Anderson & Associates, CPA’s (Colonial Heights) and annual tax returns are prepared by Anderson's firm as well. The Ford Agency in Hopewell Virginia handles our insurance needs. Our trucks are equipped with the latest Fleetmatics™ GPS tracking units providing management with real time location and maintenance data for our entire fleet.


Employee Benefits and Internship Opportunities

We are one of the few companies our size offering full time employees a 401k program with Company match, healthcare and a profit sharing plan. We also offer an internship program to qualified applicants that includes paid employment and onsite housing.



We service customers and communities from Ashland to the Outer Banks with a concentration of customers around Richmond and up and down the SR 460 corridor.


Customer Service

Our customer service is unparalleled. Really. We man our phones, texts and e-mails 7 days a week though, yes, slower on the weekends. Unlike many companies our size, we don’t just call you back after dinner, we’re there to serve you during the day as well. All crew leaders are equipped with “smart” phones and our trucks have the latest GPS tracking software so we can reach out and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.